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What is Unique to the

The Lighthouse School is both a process and a destination. It is where learning is still fun, flexible, meaningful, inventive and inspiring!

Beg, borrow or steal like an artist, but find a way for education to evolve! If evolution, in its infinite
wisdom, teaches anything, it is…never be satisfied; evolve or perish.

Education needs to be dynamic, organic, indescribable and an empowering experience! It must seize the day while eyeing the decades. It must be challenged as much as it is exulted. It can never be perfected just as it can never be simply taught.

So our ambition is to ignite a fire for learning that is self-directed, constructively critical, socially
conscious while engaging and encouraging.

We cannot promise infallibility but we can commit to discovering as many paths of success necessary so each child feels respected, valued, confident, clever, creative, capable and unique: Such is the light shining in the Lighthouse.


An Ideal School?

Thank you for considering the Lighthouse as a partner in the educational journey of your child. We are fully aware that this may be one of the most important decisions you'll ever make in this regard and so, up front, we want to offer transparency, solidarity, community and commitment.


Helping children stay curious, confident, creative and motivated is far from simple. Traditional education leaves a lot to be desired in these matters and children's attitudes towards school are left to random issues such as the quality of the teacher, the pressure of competition and comparison, carrot and stick (grading) methods, etc.  We believe academic success should be the cherry on the cake; 'I get good grades because I enjoy learning' and not as so often happens that 'I learn to get grades.'


In short, we see the educational process as a collaboration of stake-holders within a long voyage of discovery, challenge, overcoming and resilience. This process cannot and should not be easy or pre-determined. It is the journey that teaches and the best students are those who learn to learn for themselves.


Welcome to our aspiring utopia. Together we will find, nurture and shine the Light.

C. Constantinides,

Lighthouse General Facilitator and Founder


Our Mission

Our mission has been and will always be to make education enjoyable, adaptable, meaningful and motivating for every student regardless of need or ability.
We wish to be an exemplary model (lighthouse) for the best and most original ideas in education; something to make any country, parent or student proud; worthy of emulation and catalyst for innovation.
Ultimately our mission is to create empowered, critical thinking, socially conscientious and problem solving citizens who are both capable of and willing to make a difference.


  • Prepare our students in as many ways possible for an unpredictable future.

  • Optimize education so it suits each child as individually possible (student-centered).

  • Create a learning experience that is fascinating, inspiring, entertaining and yet useful.

  • Facilitate each child's personal and social development so s/he is confident, considerate, constructively critical, a creative thinker and empowered doer.

Our Strategy

  • Ability based (instead of age-based) educational levels so children learn in relation to where they are (not where they are 'supposed' to be).

  • Small classes capped at 12-16 students per class. This is to ensure that each student receives the attention and learning support they need. Every child is unique and moves at their own speed. We also offer differentiation in the classroom for all levels of ability.


  • Project-based and hands-on experiential learning. We learn by doing, not always by just listening or watching. We strive to create a learning experience that is fascinating, inspiring, entertaining and yet useful.

  • Values: Learn the reasons for values such as respect, honesty, sharing and responsibility especially via moments of conflict or frustration. When we internalize the meaning of a 'rule' it no longer needs to be imposed (discipline).


  • Personal and social development: We want to help raise confident, considerate, constructively critical young people into society. We need more creative thinkers and empowered doers for the future.


Our philosophy is that parents, teachers and students should be able to shape the content and quality of a child’s educational experience by personalizing educational plans, creating meaningful and relevant curricula and embracing innovative/original ideas in an organic, evolving educational system that inspires students passions and strengths.

Kassianou 6, Ypsonas 4180, Limassol

+357 - 70071500

+357 - 25253045

We currently offer progressive primary level educational lessons, unique to education in Cyprus, for students aged 5 and up. We hold a license to operate as a private primary school and we are currently in the process of procuring licensed facilities for secondary school.

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