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We sit on the shoulders of giants!

The Lighthouse would never have been possible if it wasn’t for the involvement, support, inspiration and contribution of so many wonderful and devoted people.
Just mentioning their names is the tiniest token of appreciation – some have made a huge difference while others may have said the right word at the right moment. However, it is not the size of the contribution but the intention that we wish to acknowledge, all of which, one way or another, led to where we are today and the tremendous potential we have to grow tomorrow.

As far as we are concerned, they are all part of the light that helps us burn so bright:

(Note: some surnames have slipped from memory but you know who you are;)

Andreas and Haris Kaitis, Maria Petridou, Svetlana Sara, Cathie Timotheou, Olga Belogrivtseva, Marina Georgiou (and her sister), Giorgos Maratheutis, Roxy & Simon, the near and dear Evis Michaelides, Nancy the Yankee, Kerstin Jung, Raymond, Nicole (not Kidman), Sylvia Constantinides, Dino (death-by-chocolate), Tibor/Andi Ivanov, Mammun (from Bangla), Elena Ioannidou, the Cyprus Life Skills NGO team, Dimitris Vythos, Pavlos (tis Souzanas), Anthony Ellis, Gabriella (The Angel) and Cinderella (The Magician), and so many yet to come!

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