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Please find more details about our admission process below. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact us.

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How to Apply

Once we receive notification of your interest we send the relevant information and set up an appointment. As our foremost priority is to ensure each child is placed according to their abilities, our free trial day and assessment days are necessary to provide us with the insight and knowledge needed to accomplish this and also offer an ideal opportunity for your child to experience life at the Lighthouse.

We look forward to hearing from you and our administration team are more than happy to provide you with information.

Breakdown of admissions process:

  1. First contact with parents via phone or email

  2. Appointment arranged

  3. Transfer of essential documents and paperwork

  4. Trial day and assessment day booked

  5. Meeting with teachers/staff involved to ascertain the correct year group (level) for the student

  6. Confirmation of admission to the Lighthouse

Documents required to accompany Lighthouse admission forms:

  • Students ID/Passport 

  • Parent/Guardian’s ID/Passport 

  • Students Birth Certificate 

  • Medical Certificate of good health 

  • Previous School report/assessment 

  • Letter of recommendation from previous school

  • Previous assessments (if any): Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Autisitc spectrum disorder (ASD).


Fees published for the current academic year can be seen below and can be paid monthly, termly or annually. Before you start the admission process, please contact the Administration Department for more information.

Please find below and download the PDF file -  

Contact Us

30-day student trial period

We reserve the right to accept students for a trial period of one month in order for us to assess whether we have resources or staff necessary to fully meet a child’s needs. On completion of the trial period, if the support team is confident that the child’s educational needs can be effectively met we shall put forward a proposed education/action plan.  If however this is not the case (for any reason the team decides) we reserve the right, ruefully, to reject the application.  Any prepaid fee beyond the period attended shall be fully reimbursed along with the deposit.



Kassianou 6, Ypsonas 4180, Limassol

+357 - 70071500

+357 - 25253045

We currently offer progressive primary level educational lessons, unique to education in Cyprus, for students aged 5 and up. We hold a license to operate as a private primary school and we are currently in the process of procuring licensed facilities for secondary school.

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